Founded by Yusty Riana Purba, S.H., a young and talented advocate who has many years of experience as an advocate and legal consultant, and also has been successfully resolve various legal issues, both litigation and non litigation.

There are many violations or deviations that occurs on law enforcement process in Indonesia. This is become one of reasons for Yusty Riana Purba, S.H., and her partners to establish this law office. The violations and deviations will result in the rights that are neglected or not protected. If so, how could the purposes of law can be accomplished? In this case, the presence of advocates like Yusty Purba & Co is needed to defend and protect the rights of the client so these rights will not be neglected by practice of law enforcement itself, and to ensure that law enforcement process on the legal issues will run fairly and in accordance with applicable law. In other words, enforcing the law without breaking the law.

Nowadays, there are a lot of advocates in Indonesia and this situation creates an intense competition, however Yusty Purba & Co exist by applying the principle that the client’s problem is our own problem. Therefore, Yusty Purba & Co uphold the proffessionalism, integrity and prudence to handling the legal issues and with regard to the code of ethics of advocates and the applicable law in Indonesia.

Client’s trust is very important to us. That is why we are committed to delivering our best legal service to defend and protect the rights and interests of our client and strive to find the best possible solution for our clients.

Although located in Jakarta, Yusty Purba & Co can handle the cases throughout Indonesia. Therefore, if you need to discuss with us about your legal issues, we invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your case with complete confidentiality.